Sunday, January 9, 2011

Monitoring Your server - java

During development and testing times we required to continously monitor our server for a number of resons:

  1. Find out amount of memory taken
  2. Find out the number of classes loaded in memory
  3. Checking out the different types of memory being used by our program ( Heap, Permgen etc. )
  4. To get a know how of all the SQL commands issued by the application
  5. and a number of things.... that a developer had to take care.
This can be achieved using a number of open source tools available freely on our blogosphere. Two of the most popular are
  1. Java Melody ( Awesome one , Java Melody )
  2. Lambda Probe ( )
 both are excellent tools and how to use them is being covered in the online documentation of both of the projects. Both of them comes as a war file, so we can directly deploy it to the server and monitor the details of our requests, sessions, memory and lots of things.
 however There is an advantage that i found of Melody over Probe is that melody can be used to cover up a single application on to the server i.e. if you have an WAR deployed on to the server, you can find the details only in context of the same application, and not to the complete server. In addition Melody is an active project while Probe seems to be an dead one.
Both of them has the unique advantage of running over multiple servers because both of them supports the Server API specification, so we just need to use some filters which are being present in the assoicated Jar Files and make the available to our application.
As I am started using Java melody i will post more of the details regarding it soon. 
Here are some of the attached details being thrown by both of them. I had used Melody within a particular application while Probe to cover up the whole server.
Happy Monitoring........


  1. Thanks for sharing information buddy. I was using JConsole and Jprobe for some of my project and netbeans profiler for some other but seems there are more options available :)


    How to check if a thread holds a lock

  2. Thanks buddy, i will surely have a look on the JProbe.

  3. I am googling this type of open source project.luckily this url got from dzone am very very happy.Thanks for sharing information.

  4. do you see any issues with java melody taking longer to respond when the server is busy. basically, its dieing, when its most needed.

  5. Lambda Probe is dead, but Psi-Probe isn't.